Art Activity: bubble wrap chameleons

Earlier this year our Junior Reader Book Box featured the fabulous graphic novel Agents of S.U.I.T which stars a Cilantro the chameleon who gets her first field assignment as a secret agent. We shared this fun art activity in which kids can paint their own chameleons using bubble wrap. Who doesn't love playing with bubble wrap?!  Follow these simple steps to create your own:

1. Using a marker pen, draw a basic chameleon body shape with a curling tail onto a piece of clean bubble wrap. Then cut it out carefully (it doesn't matter if the marker pen still shows). 

2. Use a thick brush to paint the bubble wrap on the bubbly side with different coloured acrylic paints. Stripes work well! Blend each colour a little but make sure that the bubble wrap is covered evenly and is not too overloaded with paint. 

3. Flip the bubble wrap over and "stamp" it carefully onto a piece of white card. Gently press it all over before lifting the bubble wrap away. Allow your work to dry.

4. Cut out a triangle from green paper and stamp it with the painted bubble wrap too. Then glue it in place at the end of the body to make the chameleon's head. Cut out two more green triangles and glue them in place to make the feet.

5. add some final touches: stick on a large googly eye and use a marker pen to make a smile. If you want you can also draw a tree branch for it to sit on!

bubble wrap chameleon art craft

Materials: bubble wrap, white card, green paper, acrylic paints, glue, scissors, paintbrush, a googly eye, a marker pen. 

Art Activity: bubble wrap chameleons
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