About Us

Monthly book deliveries that kids will love!

We are passionate about encouraging kids to read, so we designed our children's book subscription to spark a lifelong love of reading and to encourage inquiring young minds to explore their imagination and creative skills. The team at A Pocketful of Books is a small, family one; education professionals who are experienced in working with young children, and who also happen to be parents! Our mission is to engage young readers with new books and authors and to help them explore beyond the book and really grow their love of reading.

With our monthly book deliveries, kids can discover the best books, handpicked from a wide range of genres and authors. Each book is brought to life with an exciting, tailor-made activity magazine and free gift.

It's well known that reading for pleasure helps children to reach their unique full potential. Research repeatedly shows that children who enjoy reading have a much easier time understanding and learning other academic subjects.

Furthermore, reflection has always been a foundation for further progress. When children write or talk about what they read their comprehension goes up, and that skill will be applied to all academic subjects. That's why each of our monthly book boxes features a magazine packed with book review questions, tailor-made activities and fascinating facts, all designed to get kids thinking and writing about the book they have just read. Kids can even have their own review of the book published right here on our blog!

What to expect

Each mailbox friendly package in our book subscription includes:

  • An exciting chapter book (or picture book for Mini Reader level, age 3-5).
  • An activity pack comprising a tailor-made magazine packed with puzzles, facts, crafts, experiments, book review questions and more, plus some free craft materials.

With your first package, you'll also receive a reading record and a bookmark. And for every book box that we ship to our subscribers, we plant a tree with global reforestation programmes.

Our monthly subscription book boxes are ideal for reading independently or for reading together. They also make a unique gift! We dispatch to our subscribers in the middle of each month. Those signing up by the 12th of the month will receive that same month's book box. Otherwise, your first box will arrive the following month. If you want to give a gift to someone special we are happy to personalise their first delivery.

If you have any questions please get in touch, we will be happy to help! Simply email us at hello@apocketfulofbooks.com

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!" Dr Seuss