Craft activity: make a feline pen pot!

We featured this cute craft activity in one of our Junior Reader book boxes recently. It makes a very practical and handy desk accessory!

1. Trace around the circular end of an empty toilet roll onto a piece of card. Cut it out and tape it in place across one end.

2. Next cover the toilet roll in black or grey paper and glue it in place securely. Cut a curving tail from black paper and glue it onto the back of the toilet roll. You can add a little white tip if you wish.

3. Cut an oval shape from black paper and two triangles for ears. Cut two smaller triangles from pink paper and glue them to the black triangles. Cut a white paper triangle. Glue the triangles in position onto the oval, as ears and a mouth. Use marker pens to add a nose, whiskers and a mouth, and glue on the googly eyes.

4. Glue or tape the centre of the cat face to the top of the toilet roll, at the front. 

5. Cut two semi-circular paws from black paper and add little white claws using a pen or pencil. Stick them to the front of the toilet roll. Your cat is complete! Use it to hold your favourite pens or pencils.

You can make additional cats if you wish in different colours - perhaps a ginger cat or a striped tabby! 

cat pen pot craft kids crafts

Materials: black or grey paper, card, empty toilet rolls, scraps of white and pink paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, a black marker pen.

Craft activity: make a feline pen pot!
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