Craft Idea: Make a paper boat!

Sailing a paper boat is an easy and fun activity for a summer’s day. To make one, all you need is one sheet of A4 paper, in any colour you like: 

1. Fold your paper in half,  then fold in half again and open. Fold each top corner to the crease. 

2. Fold the strip at the bottom upwards.

3. Fold the two corners of the strip back over. Turn it over.

4. Fold the other strip upwards too.

5. Open the boat slowly from the bottom, then flatten into a square shape. 

6. Fold the bottom triangle upwards and crease. Repeat on the other side.

7. Open like in step 5, then carefully take the upper corners and stretch it out and down until you have your boat. 

8. Try it out in a safe location!

Craft Idea: Make a paper boat!
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