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We are super excited to have included a graphic novel in one of our book boxes for the first time this month. The “Secret Agents” box for Junior Readers features Agents of S.U.I.T by John Patrick Green, a book that's packed with bold and bright artwork, and whose activity pack was so much fun for us to create. Encouraging young readers to try different genres is one of our key aims, and graphic novels are an important and very accessible genre for young readers that help to improve visual literacy and vocabulary. Visual literacy is a skill of increasing importance for young learners who in our modern world are exposed to more and more diverse forms of media. The inventive and sometimes chaotic format of graphic novels, with added use of thought balloons, panels, and other comic designs, allow readers to use their imagination and practice visual literacy. And graphic novels still include a very diverse range of vocabulary words. Presenting a word along with a visual of its implied meaning helps children to better retain definitions. 

What's more, their unique approach also really captures the reader’s imagination, inspiring them to think of their own plots and character arcs, and it can also greatly improve the understanding of a difficult topic. In fact, this format is particularly helpful for reluctant readers or students with learning disabilities. Instead of reading through blocks of text, students can scan designs with smaller texts. They can feel a boost of confidence through comprehension; as well as not overwhelming readers there are also many contextual cues to help decipher meaning. And there are many unique re-tellings of classic tales in graphic novel format which help those who are less passionate about reading to access important literary themes. 

But one of the most important benefits of graphic novels is the social and emotional learning. Graphic novels can speak to an array of readers in a meaningful way, which paves the way to open communication. This genre is much more accessible and adapts to a variety of reading levels. It can also provide immersive perspectives on different situations to help readers foster empathy. So we hope you will enjoy our latest book box, and in the meantime, here are 15 other great graphic novels for kids of different ages that we have also loved: 

Hilda and the Troll (8+): With a protagonist who can never sit still for long without setting off on another adventure, this book and its sequels are full of warmth, joy and imagination. 

Illegal (9+): A powerful and timely story about one boy's epic journey across Africa to Europe, with glorious colour artwork throughout.

Mason Mooney, Paranormal Investigator (7+): Packed with evil curses, haunted houses, quirky characters and unexplained phenomena, this is sure to be a hit with kids who love twisted tales and action-packed mystery stories.

Evil Emperor Penguin (7+): This is no ordinary penguin, he wants to take over the world! This is a graphic novel series that is full of laughs for everyone. 

CatStronauts, Mission Moon (6+): The CatStronauts are the best space cats on the planet and they're on their most important mission yet! The first in a super series brimming with jokes, charm and science. 

Roller Girl (9+): The New York Times bestselling graphic novel about friendship, self belief and finding your true place in the world - no matter how tough it might be. 

InvestiGators (6+):  Alligator secret agents fight crime, save the day and go undercover in this hilarious hit series that focuses on themes such as resilience, teamwork and problem solving. 

When Stars Are Scattered (9+): A sensitive, poignant and heart-wrenching true story about life in a Kenyan refugee camp that restores faith in real-life happy endings.

White Bird (10+):  In this unforgettable story about strength, courage and the power of kindness, a boy discovers the moving and powerful tale of his grandmother, who was hidden from the Nazis as a young Jewish girl during the Second World War.

Robin Hood (Usborne Graphic Legends 8+): A fabulous re-telling of a classic legend, in which Robert of Locksley's lands are stolen, and he is forced to take on a new identity as the fearless outlaw Robin Hood. 

Anne of Green Gables, A Graphic Novel (7+): The magic of L.M. Montgomery’s treasured classic is reimagined in a beautifully illustrated graphic novel adaptation that's perfect for both newcomers and kindred spirits.

Nightlights (8+): This beautifully eerie and imaginative graphic novel introduces a young artist named Sandy, who creates a colourful world of fantastical creatures on the page.

To Kill A Mockingbird (11+): This is a wonderfully crafted graphic novel adaptation of Harper Lee’s beloved and acclaimed American classic, a haunting portrait of race and class, innocence and injustice, hypocrisy and heroism, tradition and transformation in the Deep South of the 1930s.

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (5+): The first in a charming and hilarious series in which two friends experience the joys of friendship and discover the whole wide ocean together.

New Kid (8+): Winner of the Newbery Medal, this is a timely, honest graphic novel about starting over at a new school where diversity is low and the struggle to fit in is real.

Which of these will you add to your TBR list?!

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