Kick Start the New Year with Some Reading Goals!

Why not make some resolutions this year based around your child's learning needs? Or help them to set their own reading goals? Here are a few ideas:

Monthly library visits: If you’re lucky to have a great library nearby, resolve to make a monthly visit with your child. Browse the books with them and help them to develop a love of stories, or to discover new genres or authors to try. Regular visits together also offer a great bonding experience.

Read together at bedtime: Just 15 to 20 minutes of reading to your child at bedtime makes all the difference, even after they have begun to read independently. You can take turns to read and have some fun doing different character voices! There are so many benefits to reading aloud to children: it sparks their imagination, enriches their vocabulary, develops positive associations with reading, soothes anxieties, and offers talking points for a range of topics. 

Build a home library based on their interests: Try to surround your children with books and form connections between books and their own interests, whether it's football, dinosaurs or rocks. Non-fiction books are great for dipping in and out of regularly. 

Celebrate milestones: Especially if your child doesn't always enjoy reading (yet!), it's important to set goals and celebrate progress. If your child finishes a chapter or a book, give them some reward to show how proud you are. Try a daily reading chart on the wall. And don't forget to be a good role model and set some reading goals for yourself too! 

Replace screen time with book time: With so much virtual learning over the past couple of challenging years, it's becoming even more important to encourage kids to read something in their free time. Keep books in the car or in your bag, and pull them out whenever you need to pass a little time.

Kick Start the New Year with Some Reading Goals!
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