Picture books for Springtime

Springtime provides a marvellous learning opportunity for children, as nature wakes up all around us. Trees, blossoms, nests, buds, eggs, baby animals... there is so much to see. There are many beautiful picture books available to help kids learn about the changing seasons and the holiday traditions. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring by Kenard Pak. This richly illustrated book follows a young boy as he learns about the changes in nature from winter to spring.

Little Bear’s Spring by Elli Woollard and Briony May Smith. This is a sweet story with beautiful pictures about a little bear waking from his long winter sleep and setting off to make some new friends. 

Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up by Sean Taylor and Cinyee Chiu. A charming and beautifully illustrated story about two girls and their father who begin gardening in the springtime and learn about the wildlife and plants in their garden. There is also a handy, fact-based section at the back.

Beatrix and her Bunnies by Rebecca Colby and Caroline Bonne-Müller. Based on the life of Beatrix Potter as a little girl, lonely in a big house in London until she meets Benjamin Bunny. She spends her days playing with him and painting pictures of him. A heartwarming story for all Peter rabbit fans and perfect for young environmentalists!

The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett.  A small board book, perfect for little ones, in which all the birds are laying eggs, all except for duck. So duck finds a rather large egg that she decides to take care of. Duck things the egg is beautiful but all the other birds think it is a rather odd egg!

Pick a Perfect Egg by Patricia Toht and Jarvis. With gorgeous illustrations and wonderfully rhythmic text, this holiday ode hops through a busy springtime day all the way to Easter Sunday! It’s a bright and cheerful Easter-time read-aloud capturing all the excitement of springtime and the Easter holiday.

That’s My Flower! by Alice Hemming and Nicola Slater. A fantastically fun and laugh-out-loud springtime picture book about changing seasons. Join a very excited Squirrel and his best friend Bird as they discover and explore the wonderful nature of spring . . . and learn a few things along the way. 

The Rhyming Rabbit by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks. The Rhyming Rabbit loves to make up entertaining poems, inspired by everything he sees, but the other rabbits don’t appreciate his talent. Sad and lonely, he sets off one night all on his own – will he ever find someone to share his poems with? With brilliant rhyming verse and bright illustrations, this story makes a fabulous read aloud.

Pip and Egg by Alex Latimer and David Litchfield. A lyrical, reassuring story that teaches children about the value of friendship. There are no truer friends than Pip and Egg, and although one grows roots and the other wings, they learn that the circle of life will always lead them back to each other.  

Picture books for Springtime
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