World Book Day Costume Ideas

It's just a few more sleeps until World Book Day, the annual celebration of all things bookish! Hopefully you all have some fun activities planned. Keep your eyes peeled for our World Book Day special offer! We can't wait to see everyone's outfits as they dress up as their favourite characters... but if you're still trying to think of a last minute costume (we've all been there!) then here are a few simple ideas:

Morrigan Crow from Nevermoor: Kind, witty and courageous, Morrigan is one of our favourite characters! All that's needed for this costume is black clothes, an umbrella, black boots and a red ribbon to tie in the hair.

Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon: To dress up as the loveable Hiccup, all you need is a green t-shirt, a brown waistcoat, and a viking helmet or shield.

Jack from The Christmas Pig: Perfect for those of us who are a little short on time, just wear pyjamas and add a teddy pig!

Ben’s Grandma from Gangsta Granny: A brilliant costume achieved with a bandit eye mask, a ‘Granny style’ blouse or cardigan, a grey or  black skirt, some old slippers, tights that are too big so they can wrinkle around the ankles, a sack-style bag filled with scrumpled up paper (so it’s not too heavy) and a curly wig! 

George from George‘s Marvellous Medicine:  Easily dress up as the iconic George with a red long sleeve top, a wooden Spoon covered in tin foil, and an old shampoo bottle with a homemade ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ label.

Pirate Pete: With an eye patch, a home made pirate hat, a fake beard, some leggings and a stripy T-shirt, you can easily become Pirate Pete. Or Captain Hook, or Molly Rogers, or Flyntlock Bones...

Dennis from The Boy In The Dress: This one is also easy! Just put your boy in a dress!

Pippi Longstocking:  Another classic costume that can be easily made with some blue dungarees, a red t-shirt and some stripy tights.  Put long hair in two plaits, and if you like you can plait in some thin, bendy wire to make them really stick out sideways!

Stick Man: This one is fun and comfortable for the little ones; use brown leggings and a brown long sleeve t-shirt, a couple of leafy twigs to hold and some leaf-shaped scraps of green fabric to attach to the brown t-shirt with safety pins.

Isadora Moon: Become half vampire half fairy with a black dress, (or skirt and top), some stripy tights, some bat wings and a cute pink rabbit. 

Have fun!!

World Book Day Costume Ideas
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